Soundtrack from Twin Peaks 33 1/3 book available for preorder

I received a pretty exciting present from Bloomsbury…15724878_1178032742282318_3516053601897290859_o

My very first book, dedicated to one of my favourite soundtracks and composers, will be out February 9th. From the book’s blurb:

 How did a unique collaborative process between a director and composer result in a perfectly post-modern soundtrack that ran the gamut of musical styles from jazz to dreamy pop to synthesizer doom and beyond? And how did Badalamenti’s musical cues work with Twin Peaks’ visuals, constantly evolving and having the ability to break with television convention, playing off viewers’ expectations and associations? Under the guidance of Angelo Badalamenti’s diverse sonic palette, Clare Nina Norelli delves deep into the world of Twin Peaks to answer all of these questions and more.

It was such a joy being able to lose myself in the Badalamenti’s music for a while, exploring and interpreting his dreamy music and unforgettable themes.

The book is available for preorder via Amazon


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